Daniela & Rosario

Our Story

Many clients have asked us what has brought our couple in Berlin: a woman hailing from north of Bavaria and a Neapolitan man? We simply have grant our lifedream, to open together a little restaurant where we were able to express our long experience in gastronomy and hotels, in a city that we love and that makes us feeling welcome since many years already.

Rosario had managed from 1987 to 2004 the first Lima Lima restaurant in Cagliari, and after that experience he started to work as Chef for Private Yachts, thanks his deep knowledge of the neapolitan cuisine. I had worked for him in 1987, but we have get lost after my marriage and the birth of my first daughter, but we have never forget each other, bringing our memory by heart and thoughts. As a sign of the fate we found again in 2010, thanks Facebook, astrology and luck. But before of that, in 1990 I left Sardinia, starting in 1996 my career in Abano Terme, Padova in Northern Italy in the GB Thermae Hotels group.

When we found again, in 2014 started in our minds the idea to move in Berlin, and exactly one year later we made the big step. We had to wait some more time before to open our little dream, but now we have made it. On 21st December 2015 we opened the LimaLima Cafè-Bistro, and we are happy to delight you with delicious and special courses from the Neapolitan cuisine and cherished wines from Campania, Veneto and other Italian Regions, in a comfortable and loving location.

Rosario & Daniela heissen Sie willkommen